Self: 2013

It’s the start of a new year, and with it a new Self-Image video. This trend was started by my friend Eric, and it’s rather startling to click back through past years and see how much has changed about your friends and yourself.

This year ended up being a fairly trying one for me. I moved, took on two new jobs (currently have three! Can we top that?), began taking senior-level classes, and dealt with several deaths in my family. I’m constantly changing as a person, too, and while I am happy for most of them, it is weird and destabilizing to change so much and so frequently. I discussed that very weirdness in a video last week.

However, commenters have noticed an optimistic tone in this Self Image video, and they’re right. I am excited about my direction and eager to see what the new year brings.

Want to get in on the conversation? Join us and post a Self-Image video as a response to Eric’s!


2 thoughts on “Self: 2013

  1. Hi Amanda, as Hon said, I came across your youtube videos too and actually it is very interesting to watch them. You put there good information, you don´t upload “stupid” comments as many other people does and well, you have a good looking too. Good luck and I will subscribe to your youtube. Greetings from Canadá.

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