Good morning, Wonkistan!

I’ve started a very exciting new project with my friend and collaborator Ivan. We call it Wonkistan, an Independent Nomadic Republic existing outside of this pesky dimension’s distance and geography. Our friendship is largely about enthusiastic celebration, nuanced discussion, and flailing about awesome stuff on the Internet–and we know some of you enjoy those things, too! Why not give that excitement a name and space to thrive?

So we hope to bring you commentary on news and culture through videos, blog posts, and Twitter conversations. But we’re doing this the Wonkistani way: with nuance, detail, care, enthusiasm, and precise language. We’ll be roping as many friends as we can into the project, and uploading videos across the channels of all of our collaborators.

Though Ivan and I have a lot of video ideas queued up already, we’d really love to hear from you if you have ideas or propositions–seriously, even if you’re “just a viewer,” we want to hear from you! The best way to do that is via Twitter (@shessomickey/@slavicpolymath) or on Wonkistan’s tumblr. While you’re at it, track the #wonkistan hashtag on Twitter–we are!

I hope you enjoy the video, and I encourage you to use the hashtag on Twitter and Tumblr, and to reblog our tumblr posts with your own commentary. If you have feedback, questions, ideas, or suggestions, let us know!

Get to it, Wonkistanis =)

PS: We entered the pilot episode of Wonkistan into the Fizzylimpics, an annual YouTube Olympics run by our friend Steve. Would you care to vote for us?

PPS: You may notice that it’s been 13 months since my last blog post. About that. Er. Well. It’s been a busy year. But I’ve given my website its annual brush-up, and I plan on writing weekly blog posts beginning in September. You’ll find various ways of subscribing to this blog in its sidebar! Let’s do this!


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