BEDA 1: Review & renew

Hallo, there! It appears to be April once more, and this year I will be doing my best to participate in BEDA. Woo!

In 2010, VEDA kicked off my YouTube channel proper. I was on vacation at my grandparents’ new place in Florida, I had just gotten rejected from my dream school (Hahhhvahd, not to mention three other Ivies), and suddenly at seven or eight at night I decided to do this crazy thing called VEDA. I was reeling from the biggest rejection of my life, I had just gotten a lead role in a play when I had expected not to be cast, and I was facing the college decision / AP tests / prom shit-storm that is the end of one’s senior year. I had nothing, in short, to lose.

Let’s review where I stood before the project: I had had a small but stellar audience that grew almost threefold by the end of the month, and impressed and inspired me with encouragement through the weeks. I was using my iSight on a five-year-old Macbook, but within the first week I used my savings to upgrade to a real camcorder and new laptop. I had posted eight videos before 1 April (four video responses, a poem video, an intro, a vlog, and a “serious” video that earned me shout-outs from Alan and Hank). By the end of May it was dozens. Making videos was second-nature, and brought me more joy than I can really express.

So VEDA was good for me, as a person and as a YouTuber. I expect I’ll look back on BEDA as a significant time in my life, too; I am living large during my first year of college, firming up plans for what will be the best summer of my life, newly vegan, preparing for study abroad in the fall, enjoying a really wonderful relationship with my parents, appreciative for my amazing friends every day, and writing my first play. I know I’ll want to remember this.

Okay, enough of that! I’ve been on a documentary stint recently, so I have a few to recommend. I think I’ll also include articles, websites, and music I like on any given day; share with me stuff you’ve liked, too!


1. Chris Hitchens (<3) defending the King James Bible.

2. A list of the best magazine articles of all time


My favorite album to clean to: All Day by Girl Talk

Documentaries (all on Netflix instant, yesss):

Art & Copy – A documentary about the major players in the advertising industry. It’s somewhat self-congratulatory, though employing a subplot and titles to bring some tension into the ad lovefest that the interviewees proffer. (Also, I want to work in that yellow California office so badly! Beautiful!)

Food Matters – Yeesh, this one is hard to review. As the comments on the page I linked will show you, the science that supposedly backs up the film’s main premise is not really explained or, you know, proven in any way (as much as that stuff can really be proven in a short documentary). However, I still say it’s worth a watch. Being more cognizant of what you eat is never a bad thing, and some of the visuals are really nice.

Exit Through the Gift Shop – There’s a reason it was nominated for an Oscar. I can’t say much beyond HOMG GO WATCH SO COOL.

This Film is Not Yet Rated – I mean, if you watch movies, this film is pertinent to you. It’s hilarious, and scary, and includes awesome kinetic typography. It speaks to our nation’s fear of bodies & sexuality: violence is much more tolerated in our culture than sex is, than bodies are. Moreover, the MPAA is clearly conservatively biased and asgfaslgfawuig ridiculous. Watch & enjoy.

That’s all for now, I think! However you came to find this blog, tell yo’ friends, tell yo’ subscribers. ‘Cause I’m VEDAing.


2 thoughts on “BEDA 1: Review & renew

  1. I don’t think I could do BEDA because I’m not sure I’m comfortable spilling out that much of my soul. Along that line, maybe I should JEDA. J=Journal.

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